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College Tour Season. Where Should Your Child Go?

Ohio State. Cornell. Tufts. SUNY New Paltz. RISD. U. of Michigan. Penn State. R.I.T. Madison. Maryland. SUNY Albany. Champaign. Tulane. Burlington, VT. Dartmouth. Temple. UIC. USC. New England Conservatory of Music. From Boston to L.A., upstate New York to New Orleans, our four kids considered enough colleges to keep us on the road for four

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Your Kid Has a Gift for the Arts. How Do We Foster Confidence and Creativity?

I’m not sure how people “make it” in the arts. I’ve been an artist all my life, not to mention a musician, carpenter, stair-builder, laborer, landscaper, cab driver, security guard, short order cook, waiter, bus boy, dishwasher, and parent to two teenagers. Pretty much everything I know in life I’ve picked up by trial and

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