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How to Prepare Tuna 3 Ways: Recipes for the Steak of the Sea

Good news! According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, when properly fished for, many varieties of tuna make their “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” list for guilt-free healthy dining. That includes Yellowfin and Big-eye, both of which you will commonly find on sushi menus and can be caught by hand line or deep-set trolling

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The Maple Bourbon Smash. A Spring Cocktail with a Hint of New England

I spent half of my childhood in Vermont and one of my fondest memories is of maple syrup. After all, that’s where the good stuff comes from. Between February and April, all across Vermont and northern New England, you will see buckets hanging from many, if not most, of the region’s iconic Sugar Maple trees.

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There Are So Many Ways to Make a Fish Recipe Easy and Delicious

I once calculated that I have made about 6,000 meals for my kids. I’m not a chef, I’m a writer. That means I am well-versed in making countless decisions on a daily basis. Therein lies the key to feeding children, while not driving yourself crazy. Variety, bravery and reckless abandon. So we’re making fish tonight,

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