Shaken and Stirred: A Valentine from Food for Marriage’s New Mixologist

Red Drink with Cherry

What could be more apropos for Cupid’s day than a blushing pink craft cocktail? The “Kiss Me Now Martini” is the perfect combination of lip-puckeringly tart and mouth-wateringly sweet – not to mention intoxicating to the last lingering sip. The recipe is below. What is its heritage, you ask? Pretty much a rip-off of the

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WWLK: Women We’d Like to Know. An HIV/AIDS Researcher Takes Time Out to Think

Food for Marriage visits with women who are taking charge and making a difference: in their lives and the lives of others.   Dr. Geri Donenberg is a professor in Chicago, Illinois. She has devoted her career to educating underserved young women at risk to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in communities around the world. This

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Making Divorce Work: Wait! That’s not my kid!

A continuing series on separation survival from those who have bravely gone there before you. The ink on the settlement is long dry. The anger has dissipated. You’ve returned to the dating fold. My god, you’re having sex again (finally) – with someone who is not your ex! The list of Things You Never Expected

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