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A New Ingredient Oh So Fowl

It was brought to my attention by a Wisconsin friend, author and professor that she was suffering kitchen burnout – at a loss about what to do with our most beloved of go-to’s – the tender bird. I heard her plea and decided to try something new. I’ve been captivated by the word “Pozole” and

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Chicken? F**king Chicken? Yep, That’s What’s For Dinner.

Who, among us, does not remember the infamous Alan Arkin scene from LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE? If you somehow missed it, please take 14 seconds to sample this pure cinematic and culinary joy. If you turn to the Web for your weeknight poultry inspiration, you know there are an abundance of chicken recipes online. At last

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There Are So Many Ways to Make a Fish Recipe Easy and Delicious

I once calculated that I have made about 6,000 meals for my kids. I’m not a chef, I’m a writer. That means I am well-versed in making countless decisions on a daily basis. Therein lies the key to feeding children, while not driving yourself crazy. Variety, bravery and reckless abandon. So we’re making fish tonight,

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