Author: davidpitlik

Ring in the season…with Ginger

I’ve always had a soft spot for ginger beer. Maybe it’s because it’s like ginger ale, but has that extra-gingery, spicy kick. Or perhaps because it has beer in its name, yet is still pleasingly sweet. When I came across this apple/ginger beer-flavored cocktail, it got me thinking – where exactly did ginger beer come

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Provenance Unknown, Taste Delicious: Maragaritaville?

I live in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, Cinco De Mayo is a big deal throughout the city. Don’t even try getting into a Mexican restaurant on May 5th. So it is slightly ironic that the Margarita, the drink synonymous with this south-of-the-border holiday, might not even be from Mexico. One take on the original story

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The Maple Bourbon Smash. A Spring Cocktail with a Hint of New England

I spent half of my childhood in Vermont and one of my fondest memories is of maple syrup. After all, that’s where the good stuff comes from. Between February and April, all across Vermont and northern New England, you will see buckets hanging from many, if not most, of the region’s iconic Sugar Maple trees.

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Shaken and Stirred: A Valentine from Food for Marriage’s New Mixologist

Red Drink with Cherry

What could be more apropos for Cupid’s day than a blushing pink craft cocktail? The “Kiss Me Now Martini” is the perfect combination of lip-puckeringly tart and mouth-wateringly sweet – not to mention intoxicating to the last lingering sip. The recipe is below. What is its heritage, you ask? Pretty much a rip-off of the

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