Ken Carlton

Ken Carlton and his sons

It’s true. I wake up thinking about food and it is probably the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York and gave my first restaurant review to the waitress at our favorite family pizza parlor at the age of 5:  “My compliments to the chef!” So reports my mother, from whom I learned how to cook at an early age by sampling the raw meat in her meatball recipe. I am still hooked on steak tartare.

Writing is all I ever wanted to do since 2nd grade and along the way I have been a magazine editor, screenwriter and novelist. I wrote the “His Point of View” column for Helen Gurley Brown at Cosmo which led to my 15 minutes of fame on Oprah. I added speechwriter to the mix and that piece has taken me all over the world, from Bangkok to Beijing, Hong Kong to Paris – which happens to be where my heart lies when I am not home in New York. In fact I write the Man in the Kitchen column for award-winning Inspirelle Paris.

Pondering relationships has always been in my comfort zone which is a good thing, because I am 14 years into a commuter marriage between Brooklyn, NY and suburban Chicago. My brilliant Ph.D. wife and I have raised four kids and three dogs in two separate homes and we have an awful lot of frequent flyer miles. 

I see little difference between food & romance and I am always thrilled to chat about both. I welcome your questions, quandaries, recipes and thoughts at foodformarriage@gmail.com or find me on Instagram.