Cocktail Hour: Finding the Right Space

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At this point everyone is pretty much fed up with their own four walls and looking for ways to get in a little social interaction. If you’re like me, those Zoom calls were great the first few weeks, but the technology is really starting to wear thin. I’m pleased to note that people are starting to get creative. 


I have a friend in Florida who held a cocktail hour on her driveway with her peeps sitting the requisite six feet apart in lawn chairs.  Another friend, who lives on a lake, has a weekly meet-up with about 20 friends where they all navigate to the middle of the water, tie up together, and then spend cocktail hour chatting and sipping – all from the safety of their respective watercraft.

I’ve heard from a reliable source that the good people of Brooklyn are starting to hang out on their brownstone stoops, raising a glass with neighbors from a Cuomo-approved distance. I applaud all of these excellent attempts at normalcy.

This is the way we make it through this thing with our sanity intact. Here’s my contribution. This boozy summer cocktail tastes just like those wonderful Creamsicles we used to get from the ice cream truck. Enjoy it wherever you can. Safely!

Spiked Orange Creamsicle Float


1 cup orange soda

3 oz. whipped cream vodka

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

Slice of orange for garnish


Add whipped cream vodka to the bottom of your mason jar and spoon in two heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream

Pour the orange soda on top, filling the glass.

Add orange slice to garnish.

Down the hatch!  (Makes one drink.)

IMG_0194a (1)
All photos by Karyn L. Giss

David Pitlik is a corporate writer by day, a comedy writer from a previous life, and a lover of great food, wonderful drink and sparkling banter with good friends.

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