Making America Fun Again: What’s On This Weekend

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Enough with the cable news. Put down your Mueller Report. Stop practicing how to pronounce Bout-edge-edge. You’ve got 18 months to think about it. Spring is starting to show its roots (unless you live in South Dakota where 4″ of snow is expected). Time to wrap our brains around some plain ol’ recreation and give the politics a rest. Even Colbert takes weekends off! So what can we cook up?

If you’re in New York, the Tribeca Film Festival is in full swing. What better escape from reality could there be than a healthy dose of indie filmmaking, plus the fascinating folks who attend these things. Not Netflix. Not on your phone. Not on your couch. This is the movies! Buckets of popcorn, sitting through the credits, and communing with your fellow New York artistas. It doesn’t get more retro.


It’s baseball season and this is a great time to get out to the ballpark. The races are not overheated yet and good tickets are aplenty. A quick visit to Stubhub and you are going to get better seats for less bucks than any time in the summer, when school is out and demand grows high. Check out the schedule. Only 160 games left ’til October.

The weekend forecast across the country is relatively peaceful (sorry South Dakotans) and that means one thing: bike excursion! Is this the Saturday morning to get out your wheels and tune them up? Or if you are a city dweller, everyone has bike share programs now. There are some great rides at your fingertips. How about the bike path from our nation’s capital to Mt. Vernon along the Potomac? Or in Chicago you can meander around Lake Michigan, a stone’s throw from the sparkling waters. You can ride all the way to the Obama’s old digs! In L.A. you can pedal from Santa Monica to Venice to Manhattan Beach and back. And in New York, of course, you need merely ride laps around Central Park on a sunny Saturday for the greatest people-watching show on Earth.


If inactivity is your favorite weekend activity, sports fans, you have the full gamut of NBA and NHL playoffs to keep you occupied. Just add pizza and beer.

pizzaAnd food and wine aficionados, those waterview eateries are not bustling with the summer trade, yet. From Cape Cod to Montauk Point, the traffic might even be manageable. What better way to kill a Sunday than sipping wine and eating fresh-shucked oysters and setting your brain-mode to off. Happy weekend and bon appetit!



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  1. Chicago had a medium to heavy snowfall yesterday…I sat in the office watching the white, fluffy flakes mix with the verdant greens of spring trees. An odd but beautiful combination.

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