Can Weekend Brunch Survive the Keto Diet?

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There is little more sacrosanct to a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker than the weekend ritual of smoked fish meets leavened dough. Zabar’s does battle with Russ & Daughters and an entire generation mourns the gaping culinary hole left on the Upper West Side where H & H Bagels used to reside.

A dear friend of mine recently flirted with mortality and came away from successful quadruple bypass surgery singing the praises of the Keto Diet. Aside from keeping me in near constant chest pain since the day we spoke, I have been at least somewhat attuned to what I put in the engine. I am a great believer in moderation, so I am not one to go drastic on cutbacks. But I heard his words, and those of a lot of experts. The credo of the day is less carbs/more protein and that means look twice before you ingest that basketball-sized bagel. That said, I’d sooner go under the chest-saw than give up my lox, so I harkened back to a fab breakfast I had recently at the Envoy Hotel in Boston.

lox overhead

You can adorn this simple meal with capers, onions or just about any vegetable, but basically, if you can boil an egg, this is your Sunday best!

Lox and Eggs One Way


•  Two large eggs

•  ¼ lb. smoked salmon


1.)  Put two eggs in a sauce pan and cover with water.

2.)  Put heat on high and let go for six minutes. It will be boiling at that point.

3.)  Turn heat off and leave eggs in hot water for six minutes more.

4.)  Run icy cold water over now-boiled eggs.

5.)  Crack gently against sink and peel with care. The cold water trick will help free the membrane and allow a clean peel.

6.)  Cut or dice egg and spread on plate.

7.)  Add several pieces of fresh-sliced smoked salmon and the Sunday New York Times.

lox on couch2




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