How to Transform a Ramen Packet into a Meal Both You & Your Kids will Love

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I have tall ravenous boys. When they are hungry they rip through the fridge and pantry like locusts. Patience is not their virtue. Their starving eyes fill me with guilt, even as they bury themselves in their phones and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Sometimes you need a quick culinary fix.

A Ramen packet boils up in three minutes. Use your big spaghetti pot and 4 or 5 or 6 packets of the unctuous noodles boil up in the same amount of time! It’s a start.

I’m a great believer in proteins to put out teenaged fires. Thin sliced pork chops or diced chicken thigh cook up quicker in a hot pan than you can say fried egg. Almost done.

In the interest of flavor, be at one with garlic and green onions. And to stave off any worries over bad parenting due to lack of vegetables, this stir fry works with anything: from peppers and onion to carrots and asparagus. Again, speed is of the essence. Some say vegetables should be steamed and then they will cook faster? I say chop them up small and thin and in they go. A little green crunch is a good thing.

This meal, no joke, is 15 minutes, front door to table. It scales big. You can feed an army. And the kids love it. Kind of a can’t miss.


Stir Fried Pork and Ramen


• 4 packets of Instant Ramen soup

• 1 lb. thin sliced pork cutlet

• 1 red bell pepper and a jalapeno

• 2 tbsp vegetable oil

• 1 clove of garlic, smashed

• Soy sauce to taste


Cut pork chops into thin slices, or cubes

Heat oil in medium hot fry pan or wok

Add strips of pork and cook until browned, stirring frequently (about 5-8 minutes)

Put large pot of water on to boil. Add Ramen packs.

Boil 3 minutes and drain.

Add garlic, sliced pepper and jalapeno to pork

Stir frequently until just a little soft, maybe 2 minutes

Add all the Ramen and toss vigorously, just to heat

Add Soy sauce to taste

Stir all ingredients until piping hot and serve in bowls

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